ASpools: completely revolutionised natural pool concept

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100% Eco-Friendly

We use natural materials that reduce environmental impact.

Completely Personalized

Each pool is unique and built according to your requirements.

Integrated With Your Landscape

Biodesign pools are shaped to fit perfectly into the landscape.

Fast Pool Construction

It only takes 10 days* to build your Biodesign pool.


Supercharged natural pools available to everyone

ASPOOLS offers a new, revolutionised natural pools solutions in Balearics. We don’t offer the traditional “boxes” in concrete, we offer a safe, eco and perfectly integrated natural swimming pool solutions to enjoy for years to come.

Pool Construction

Our professional team can take you through the process without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home.


Our team of experienced designers will turn your vision into a reality you never knew possible – all while staying within your budget.

Pool Maintenance

ASPOOLS offers a consistent level of service, knowledge and support for all your swimming pool needs and quality beyond expectations.

Perfectly integrated in the surrounding environment

BIODESIGN® pools create a new, uniquely designed environment that is in perfect harmony with your landscape. We use antimicrobial MICROBAN SILVERSHIELD® coating that eliminates microbial growth on surfaces making your pool completely virus-free.  A mixture of natural granulated quartz and non-toxic resin, allows you to enjoy your own personally-tailored beach experience in your own backyard. The shape is always personalised in both size and depth to suit your taste.

Innovative Pool Design

ASPOOLS is an authorised BIODESIGN® Pools installer in Mallorca. Our in-house design studio and seasoned research and development department guarantee a high-quality result.

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Rapid installation, lower costs & easy maintenance

BIODESIGN® is based on a fully-certified, non-invasive technology intended for artificial lakes, which don’t require any use of reinforced concrete. Our pools are built by a single operator, so there is no need for complex and extremely invasive construction work. BIODESIGN® can operate for entire seasons in the lake mode with minimal interventions and then be reconverted to a swimming pool when needed without ever degrading the surrounding landscape.

Step 1: Excavation

The shape of the pool is created during this step, as well as the formation of custom beaches, seating areas, and swimming areas, resulting in a unique and personalised pool environment.

Step 2: Geo-Textile Protective Material

An initial layer of geo-textile material is placed over the excavation in order to protect the EDPM liner from potential damage caused by sharp objects.

Step 3: Waterproof EPDM Liner

An EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) waterproof liner is placed over the geo-textile sheet. Highly elastic, the EPDM liner conforms to any change in ground movement without damage.

Step 4: Structural Net Placement

Place structural netting material over the EPDM liner

Step 5: Structural Paving Rough Layer

Spread over the entire area by hand, a mixture of natural granulated quartz and non-toxic resin is applied.

Step 6: Secondary Structural Net Placement

A second structural net is placed over the structural paving rough layer.

Step 7: Final Layer Application

Granulated stone and non-toxic resins are blended and spread by hand over the surface. A final layer of resin is applied after a light sanding.

Biodesign Technology

The BIODESIGN® structural coating consists of resins especially intended for this use.  The quartz sand features a double mechanical resistance compared to a structural concrete. The BIODESIGN® coating is not subjected to the stresses and the water pressure, as it is positioned on the waterproofing liner.


BIODESIGN® has developed an eco-friendly with extraordinary waterproofing quality featuring high structural performances. The technical sheets show that the waterproofing liners are superior to those used in traditional pools thanks to its elasticity of + 300%, featuring higher resistance against UV rays, ice, chemical products thus resulting in a much longer lifespan.

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& Public Pools

Biodesign Beach Sculpted Pool is equipped with beaches and beach entries, custom submerged seating areas, and swimming zones – all personalised to your needs and the surrounding environment. A Beach Sculpted Pool is a completely tailored aquatic environment that uses eco-friendly technology with natural materials that significantly reduce environmental impact.

BIODESIGN® solutions for professionals

Welcome to the BIODESIGN® world. Download the presentation of the company and the detailed information of the materials for used in natural pool construction. ASpools will help you add more value to your projects.

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How much does a BIODESIGN® Natural pool cost?

The limited environmental invasiveness, the non-use of reinforced concrete, the natural form allow the installation of a natural pool that is both eco and pocket friendly.

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